Burglary prevention advice issued for bank holiday weekend

With the bank holiday weekend being the first this year that we are able to make the most of, it’s likely that people may head off on a small holiday this weekend – so Cambridgeshire Constabulary are reminding people to remain vigilant. 

Releasing tips on various ways to prevent burglary, the police are reminding locals of the importance of ensuring that your home is secure. 

They said: “Homes without basic security features are five times more likely to be burgled than homes with security. We are committed to reducing burglary in Cambridgeshire and advise residents to follow some simple steps to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.”

These steps include locking doors, windows and side gates at all times, even if you’re just in the garden, securing bikes and storing high value items in a safe. 

They have also advised that items should be kept away from view, particularly keys. They have advised people to remove valuables from view of ground floor windows and issued a specific reminder to avoid leaving Christmas presents that can be seen through the windows on display. 

An important one which many people may forget is to avoid advertising expensive electrical item purchases by leaving the packaging out by your bins. The police advise putting all packaging out on your bin collection day.

If you do suspect that your home has been burgled, contact the police by calling 101, or 999 if you believe they are still in the house. 

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