Calls from Bretton residents to protect the Green Wheel and reduce fly-tipping

The calls have come after a spate of fly-tipping was seen in a wooded-area behind houses in Muskham, Bretton. Large items such as a sofa bed were dumped in the trees, as well as a number of bags and other plastic items that left the area looking extremely untidy.

Other concerns have also been raised about the area, including the amount of trees that were cut back there last autumn and the lack of replacement plants.

The concerns were raised to local councillors on the same weekend that a series of fly-tips were reported in Norburn, Watergall, Outfield and Middleton and councillors have been urged to do more to protect the area’s green spaces that are so important to the community.

One of those particularly concerned is Bretton resident Daniel Rudjo, in a letter to councillors, he said: “I’m writing to you because I follow you on our Bretton local group and I can see you do such a great job for our community and that you would like to keep Bretton clean. That idea is close to my heart too and I get angry and frustrated when I see dumped litter everywhere.

“As you can see I’ve sent a reminder to PCC asking to clean up the area that is behind a fence in Muskham. It looked much worse and I’m pretty sure it was done by the previous residents of the house. But we cannot do anything about it.

“As far as I know Bretton was designed as a green area, but what I have noticed is that PCC haven’t planted any new trees. Bretton Park looks like desert if you compare it to any London parks.

“You can see many trunks left after tree “care” but it’s hard to see new plants. So in that case for the next few years it will be an open space not a park.

“The same happens to the tree belt behind Muskham and Deerleap which was horribly axed last autumn. The PCC had said it was supposed to be just a necessary tree thinning but what they had done was recklessly chopping down healthy trees.

“The woods are a part of the Green Wheel so it should be kept as green as possible. They promised to plant new trees or shrubs but didn’t even plant one tree. They just focused on cutting everything off the fence which is between the woods and the residential area. I still can’t understand what was the reason to do it.

“The only result right now is that you can see that ugly fence from every corner; the fence that used to be nicely hidden between the shrubs and trees. There was absolutely no need to touch these shrubs.

“What I wanted to ask you is to help keep this place green. I know that you live nearby and I guess you visit that place quite often like many of our residents. It’s not a place to walk a dog only but it’s also a green space for our children and the only wild green space accessible in South Bretton so that’s why it’s so important not to devastate it.

“Can you please ask PCC to fulfil their promise to plant new trees and shrubs and restore the hedge belt that was created along the fence a few years ago. there are just the remains of laurel shrubs and hazel and it would be great if that was restored and new shrubs planted there.”

The Peterborough Telegraph has contacted councillors in Bretton for comment.

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