Celebrating six months of Peterborough Matters – highs and lows

I’ll admit, the horror stories I’d heard at university put me off local news, but something about this seemed… different. It was about the community, celebrating Peterborough, giving a voice to all the people that only really get heard on Instagram, or their Facebook. 

We’ve come a long way in the six months we’ve been working here, and I must admit, every time someone says “oh, Peterborough Matters!”, or someone I know comments on a story I’ve written, I do a little dance in my head (sometimes out, too). It’s exciting knowing that I’m a part of a team building a brand in Peterborough to bring you something a little different. 

In the months since I’ve started, I feel like I’ve become a one-stop shop for all things digital, I won’t bore you with the terms, but I think I’m becoming well-versed in the digital world, and I’ve never had the freedom to take on so much responsibility as I have — and that’s all because of how busy we are! So thank you! 

Now, just because I’m happy doesn’t mean it’s been easy — I did not expect coronavirus to hit, nor did anyone, and I did not expect it to take over my job for the past five months (ugh, I miss February!) My hardest time must have been the first month of writing coronavirus stories, and being fully aware that my wedding was going to get postponed but not wanting to admit it, that… was not fun… 

BUT, with all negatives comes positives, and in a time that we thought was not going to look up again any time soon, I did my first coronavirus recovery story with a lovely woman who talked about her husband. Doctors prepared her for the worst due to his pre-existing health conditions and against all odds, he recovered. It was an emotional interview, but gosh, it made a difference. 

I felt like I’d given a glimmer of hope to our readers, who were constantly seeing figures and death rates — we do have to report on the bad stuff as well, unfortunately. Upon reading the recovery, people were filled with joy, and I couldn’t help but feel proud of that story, it’s my favourite one to date. 

A few months back, I took control of most of our social media sites excluding Instagram, and I have been continuously proud to see our Facebook likes growing and our consistent readers supporting us. 

Moving out of the lockdown period was my favourite time, I love going to openings, renovations and the like, and I’m over the moon that it’s starting again. Heading to Showcase Cinema to do a review of their new measures and Argo Lounge to do the same, was amazing, it felt like old times, or at least, the first month of my job. 

Unfortunately, where there are highs, there will always be lows. One thing that has been a challenge is that working in the news means you’re more aware of what’s going on around you. You’re aware of every fight, the number of rough sleepers and you’re aware of the horrific crimes that go on in the city. 

Although many residents would love to just see positive things about the city, and we love sharing those, it’s not always the case — all we can do is promise to keep you as informed as possible, in regards to the good and the bad. 

Peterborough Matters

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