Critical Mass Cycle Ride takes the wheels again this weekend

The second ride is planned for Sunday, September 13, starting from outside Sessions House at 2pm. Anyone is welcome to join – from families who want to promote safe cycling with children, to experienced cyclists or complete newbies.

The aim of the Peterborough Critical Mass Cycle Ride campaign is to demonstrate the presence of cyclists in the city and imagine how cycle-friendly the city could become. More than 50 people attended last month’s event, and it is hoped even more will attend the second ride.

Social distancing will be in place, and the route will incorporate the new ‘pop up’ cycle lanes that have been installed as part of the government’s Safer Cycling initiative. There will also be parts of the route that riders feel would benefit from improved cycling infrastructure.

The ride will finish in Central Park, where families and cyclists can relax and perhaps discuss and help build on future Peterborough Critical Mass Cycle Rides.

Since lockdown, there has been a significant rise in the number of people cycling in Peterborough. The funding from central government to reallocate road space for cycling has not been universally welcomed by people in the city, but many cyclists would like to see the provisions become permanent. Pop up cycle lanes, wider pavements and safer junctions would make cycling safer.

Helen, a rider at the August event, said: “Critical Mass are a band of cyclists. It’s all about giving priority to us, holding space on Peterborough’s roads and making them safer and more inclusive.”

Critical Mass Rides are part of an initiative from Cycling UK that sees riders regularly take to an urban route with the aim of asserting the right of cyclists to use the road. All participants are equal leaders, having their own claim to their intentions and the purpose of the ride.

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