Draconid meteor shower peaks this week – how to see it in Peterborough

This meteor shower takes place between October 2 and October 16, but is set to peak on Wednesday evening. The best time to watch will be in the evening, just after sunset, which is set to be at 6.23pm on Wednesday, October 7. This is unlike most other meteor showers, which are best viewed after midnight, when the sky is darkest. It is still recommended to find a viewing spot in an area with low light pollution.

Unfortunately, the current Met Office forecast predicts that Wednesday evening will be ‘partly cloudy’, meaning that it might be a challenge to see these meteors – but some may get lucky!

The Draconid meteors appear to originate from the Draco constellation, but EarthSky experts say that it isn’t strictly necessary to locate Draco the Dragon to enjoy the show.

This annual display happens because the Earth passes through debris left behind by comet Giacobini-Zinner. Although it is not the most active meteor shower, in 2011 it was reported that over 600 meteors per hour were spotted.

To find out what else to look out for in the night sky this month, see what Phil Adams, from Peterborough Astronomy Society, has to recommend

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