Event planner boosts business with new outdoor services in lockdown

Due to the lockdown, Sleepy-Tepee Sleepovers & Events – a children’s tepee sleepover and party events company was forced to cancel all their bookings.  

They specialised in indoor teepees for children with some added personalised extras. However, the current restrictions on events, forced the business owners to think outside of the box, which led them to taking a gamble and investing in outdoor luxe picnic benches. 

To their relief and surprise, their new business venture has taken off very positively, with a steady flow of demand for their different products. 

The owner said, they are making good progress and have expanded their services and launched outdoor movie nights for the family, outdoor social distanced picnic parties for friends and romance and relaxation package for couples deserving of a treat. 

Business owner Charlene Jamed said: “It broke our hearts to have to cancel all of our bookings. We are however making a huge come back after launching our outdoor movie nights for the family, outdoor social distanced picnic parties for friends and recently our romance and relaxation package for couples deserving of a treat.  

“Before COVID we were solely providing indoor teepees for children with some added personalised extras, but with restrictions in place we had to really think outside of the box and took a gamble and invested in outdoor luxe picnic benches. Hubby was apprehensive because no one was investing, everyone was holding their pennies close to their chest, but me I was furloughed and extremely bored so spent a lot of time thinking about how we can make the business bigger and better.  

“People went crazy for the benches, it was the perfect way to see friends safely, but still enjoy a birthday celebration / hen do / baby shower or even book a treat for hubby / wife to spend some down time together.   

“We partnered with a local company called Blasting Bakes who provided homemade afternoon tea.” 

“They only started the company during lockdown. It is run by a little 9-year-old boy called Oscar who has autism and found baking as a therapeutic way to help with anxiety and sensory overload. We decided to partner with them because we wanted to support local businesses like ourselves and his background story melted my heart. Since working together, we have had some amazing feedback.  

“In addition to the tables, we invested in a movie screen and stand and started to promote date night / family movie nights in the garden and sure enough that too has gone really well. So many parents have been looking for ways to celebrate birthdays for their children, it has been the perfect way to celebrate and makes it seem somewhat special in such crazy times.  

“Finally, our latest idea came from my recent trip to my beautician for a massage. The beauty industry has been massively hit by COVID, so when they announced some treatments are allowed back, I was straight on the phone to book a massage. During my treatment, it got me thinking about how much I missed being pampered and how nice it would be for me and hubby to have a relaxing treat together. Then I got sad, because spas aren’t allowed to open just yet, which made me think how wonderful it would be for our anniversary to book a couple’s massage at home.  

“I thought of a possibility of having a massage, food and a movie and create the ultimate stay at home date night –  “staying in is the new going out” would be our message.  

“A lot of people still do not feel safe outside and are desperate for a romantic meal / movie and let’s face it there has been a big hype about couples really struggling / from the strain of being in lockdown.  

“Anyway, me and my beautician (Lucy) had a little chat and within 24hrs of our convo the Romance and Relaxation package was formed partnered with Lulabelle Wellness. It made me feel really good to be able to help build back her business that has suffered a great deal. She handles the relaxation side. Blasting Bakes provide the banquet. And Sleepy-Teepee style and stage the setting for the movie and picnic.  

“As a trio we are looking to make waves in Peterborough and the surrounding areas, people are banging down the door to book in and it feels absolutely amazing.” 


teepeeChildren’s event planners extend outdoor event services and boost business in lockdown (Picture: Charlene James)

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