‘Hair bleach applied with a spoon’ among transformations tackled by Peterborough salons

Hairdresser Charlie Darlow

As many of us have tried our own hand at styling, cutting and dying, some have even tried with spoons and hair bleach!

Victoria Cairns of SaVi Hairdressing, Oundle Road, found one of her regulars had tried a ‘bizarre’ technique to dye hair.

She said: “Our client who’s a lovely regular of ours had decided to apply their own bleach to their hair using a teaspoon. It’s definitely the most bizarre application technique we’ve heard of! It was an easy fix and the client left really happy.”

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Though not all of Vicky’s clients made mistakes, some have shown a lot of promise.

She said: “ One client who’s been cutting the back of her hair has made a really good job!

“Most clients have bought root sprays and waited for us to get back which has been wonderful.”

Charlie Darlow (31) of Charlie Darlow Hairdressing and Bridal, who has been working since she was 16, has found the return an exciting new challenge.

She said: “I’m so happy to see everyone and glad I can change how everyone feels about themselves, which has been the most interesting thing.

“The most challenging thing is the amount of hair. We’re not just trimming the old style, we’re restyling most of the head due to the sheer volume. There’s no longer just root colour, it’s a full head colour with months of regrowth!”

Some of the biggest transformations Charlie’s dealt with has been where some male clients have had their wives cut their hair with clippers or who have done their own bottle dye jobs.

Charlie explained: “A client dyed it red during lockdown and then stripped it which made a mess.

“We’ve got her back to a lovely natural colour and she’s promised not to touch it ever again!”

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