How can you wear words?

Charley is inviting anyone who identifies as a womxn – a term used by some feminists to avoid the spelling women (which derives from men) and to foreground transgender, nonbinary and non-white women – to join a discussion about words and fashion. The project will research why people wear words and slogans and how we feel when we wear them so that Charley can make wearable poetry inspired by the thoughts and feelings shared.

The group will be asked to share what’s in their wardrobes, their experience of buying and wearing clothes with words and slogans on, and what makes them feel confident.

Charley Genever is a poet and creative producer who has been working as one of Metal’s Remote Residency Artists for July. In a blog post about her work over the month, she wrote: “I’ve always fantasised about one day creating a collection of wearable poetry. I just think it’d be much cooler than a book. So for the residency I’m playing around with ideas of how to bring this concept to life, and start to learn about things like typography, sewing, and printing/drawing on fabric.

“For my Metal residency, I want to get into the minds of other womxn and unpick their relationships with their identity, their clothing, and the role clothes with words on play in their lives. I’m hoping to uncover some juicy ideas through independent research and having a girly zoom chat.”

The discussion will take place over Zoom on July 29, with two separate time slots available, either 10am to 11.30am, or 6.30pm to 8pm. To book a space, see the Eventbrite event page.

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