How much each Peterborough primary school will gain or lose in government funding next year

In total, the House of Commons Library has listed 58 primary schools in Peterborough, of which 28 will see an increase in its allocation and 27 will see a reduction.

Three schools, Oakdale Primary, Thorpe Primary and Gladstone Primary Academy, will see no change.

This does not include three schools (The King’s, Hampton College and Thomas Deacon Academy) which cater for both primary and secondary pupils.

Across schools in the Peterborough constituency, the average funding per pupil will be £4,594 in 2021/22, compared to the England average of £4,582.

In North West Cambridgeshire, the average funding will be £4,408, although this includes schools outside of the Peterborough local authority catchment area.

The figures have come from the Department for Education funding for mainstream schools in 2021/22 based on the National Funding Formula (NFF) for schools.

The totals are “subject to revision and are not necessarily what schools will actually receive,” the House of Commons Library states.

The allocations include funding due to the Teachers’ Pay Grant (TPG), the Teachers’ Pension Employer Contribution Grant (TPG) and (where applicable) the pensions supplementary fund.

The allocations exclude other types of school funding, such as the pupil premium, high needs funding and funding for sixth formers. They also exclude recently announced additional funding for schools, such as:

. Funding to cover “exceptional costs” related to the Covid-19 pandemic

. Catch-up funding for pupils missing school

. Additional funding for free school meals during the holidays and pandemic-related school closures.

The NFF calculates the funding allocations based on pupil numbers and various pupil and school characteristics. The 2021/22 allocations are provisional because they are based on pupil data from 2020/21 and will subsequently be updated.

Local authorities also retain some flexibility in deciding the final allocations that schools receive.

For 2021/22, the DfE requires all local authorities to pass on at least £4,180 per primary school pupil and £5,415 per secondary school pupil, although there may be exceptions to this requirement.

After adjusting for the Teachers’ Pay Grant and pensions, in 2021/22 the annual real terms increase in the primary school per pupil minimum is four per cent in England, and for secondary school pupils it is one per cent.

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