Letter: Peterborough MP writes to city council CEO about homeless camp

Dear Gillian,

On Tuesday, Mohammed Saeed, from Community First, showed me a homeless camp which is in the land between Bourges Boulevard, Westfield Road, and the railway sidings.

As it exists at a short distance and over a rise from the road and pathways, it has become a hidden problem.

Mr Saeed described how many of the people who live here are battling with drug addition and mental health issues. He described the unfortunate way many of these people have been victimised by drug traffickers and dealers, and have not been able to access the support they need.

A significant amount of waste has now built up in this area and is a public health hazard, including needles and human waste. An urgent clean up is needed.

I would be grateful if you could work with Community First and other organisations and agencies to ensure that the people residing at this location receive appropriate support.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Bristow MP

Member of Parliament for Peterborough

Peterborough Matters

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