Mapped: The free days out you can enjoy during the summer holiday

Lifestyle and parenting blogger Jaymee Heaton has compiled a list of more than 120 green spaces, play areas and country parks to visit locally and plotted them on this in this interactive map and says’ there are more to come’.  

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, Jaymee said: “I know how challenging and expensive it can be to plan day outs with kids. So, I put a list of all the free places that we have – and you will be surprised to see how many Peterborough has. If there is a map like this, I thought it would make it easier for families. 

“It’s my goal, by the end of the summer holidays to visit if not all, then as many places as possible on this map and enhance it further with more information and pictures.”

Jaymee continued: “We put Peterborough down often but it’s such a nice place with so many green spaces on our doorstep that we can enjoy. 

“I wanted to help families, especially now that summer break is coming up. Some of these places have great equipment too for kids to enjoy.” 

Jaymee added: “It was not that hard to create one, but the research part and trying to make sure I have got the locations accurate has not been easy because I am not familiar with all the areas of Peterborough.”

The map is an ongoing project. 

“People are already getting in touch to say how useful it it and some have been suggesting more places that I have missed out,” said Jaymee.

“So, I will keep this updated regularly.  I have another such map with all the baby groups and activities for under-fives in the city, which is very popular and constantly updated.” 

Jaymee is hoping her boys will be able to help in the next steps by adding their feedback on the sites on the list when they start visiting them. 

You can find the link to the map on Jaymee’s blog

She has asked people to update her on the locations pinned or if there any additions to be made to the list.





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