Meet James and Ben – who took their online business full time in lockdown

Co-owners James and Ben met at university in Sheffield, and having both grown up in Peterborough, they soon started working on plans to build up their own business. 

Briefly going their separate ways, James landed a job in London while Ben worked at a local digital marketing agency in Deeping. The pair have been working on their company behind the scenes, but as of April, they made OneLink Media their full time job. 

James said: “We’ve been quite lucky with lockdown, it gave us some time to get moving. A lot of people have had to focus on digital platforms and realise the importance of it, I think it put it into perspective.

“We started about five months ago, and it’s been great growing our business and a lot of our clients are based in Peterborough, we’re very passionate about the city.”

James explained that he and Ben work with around ten companies at the moment and while a majority are in Peterborough, some go as far as Germany. They have been focusing on building up their client-base and growing their team and expertise. 

He added: “We’re at the stage now where we’re growing the team, we’ve got a long term plan with investing in ourselves and the right people. Within six months we want to continue to work on our client base both locally and nationally while taking on new opportunities.

“I’m so grateful that Ben and I get to work together. It’s very rewarding, we have a great relationship, it’s really positive. We have had this idea since we met at university, so to be able to work on something that is our own is really exciting. We’re so new but we’re really enjoying it and hopefully we can provide some real value for businesses.”

For more information on OneLink Media, visit their website. 

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