Online Pride to take place after summer celebrations cancelled

Online Pride will be hosted by Teddi The Drag Queen on December 4, 12pm to 5pm. Peterborough Pride has been awarded a fund to bring the city a Pride Day, which will feature discussions, performances and many more. 

The aim is for all to experience a type of pride that could have happened this year – and it will all be live streamed from Teddi, The Drag Queen’s and Peterborough Pride’s Facebook pages.

This venture is in collaboration with Peterborough Pride, New Theatre Peterborough, Reckless Abandon Media, Elite Events & Consultancy, with demos and conversations from Pipers Closet, J.D.Wigs and more – and Teddi will be performing too.  

There will be an exclusive ticketed Drag Bingo After Show at The Chalkboard for £5 a ticket with limited tickets available and the space will be Covid Compliant. 

For more information, head over to The Peterborough Pride UK Page and Teddi the Drag Queen on social media.

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