Peterborough has ‘streets of jobs’ as city centre stores seek to fill abundance of vacancies

Shops, eateries, pubs, book makers and the Post Office have all put up notices in their windows appealing for staff.

Posters large and small have begun to appear in many shop windows in Bridge Street, Long Causeway, Broadway and Westgate as businesses look to bounce back as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are eased.

But many are finding they face a shortage of staff.

And for some filling the vacancies is tougher than expected with a number querying if fear of Covid is a hurdle for some jobseekers.

Vid Soni, owner of City News in Westgate, which is advertising for two staff after undergoing a refurbishment, said: “We’ve not had any applicants so far. It’s unusual. When we’ve advertised for staff before we’ve found someone quite quickly.

“It’s been straightforward, it seems difficult at the moment.

“People just seem reluctant. Maybe they’re sacred to come out. There may not be one particular reason for it why people are not willing to apply.

“But filling vacancies does seem to be a problem for some. Our suppliers tell us that getting delivery staff is proving difficult.”

Kaspa’s Desserts is looking for waiters and kitchen staff but says it is proving difficult to find people who are willing to take on full-time jobs.

As the eatery, which focused on providing takeaways during a lockdown that saw much of the business vanish, begins to get going again full-time staff are key

A spokesperson said: “It is difficult to fill the vacancies. Perhaps many people are still scared of Covid.”

A spokesman for the Crown Post Office, located in WH Smith, in Bridge Street, said: “We’ve had quite a few application for our vacancies, which have been created by people leaving.”


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