Peterborough maternity services delivered 386 babies in July

Of the 386 births at Peterborough City Hospital, 204 were boys and 182 were girls. This means it’s the fourth month in a row where there have been more boys born in Peterborough than girls.

The busiest days for births were July 3 and July 17, with 20 babies born on those days.

There were three sets of twin babies born, and one set of triplets.

The majority of births were on the maternity unit at PCH, but 49 babies were born in the Midwifery Led Birthing Unit, one was born at home and 16 women opted for water births.

Emergency c-sections accounted for 14.7% of births, elective c-sections were also 14.7%, and assisted birth was 12.5%.

The shared graphics also include Hinchingbrooke Hospital birth statistics, with 166 babies born in the Huntingdon hospital.

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