Peterborough named third in study of British city green space

Research from Holidu, a search engine for holiday rental properties, has placed Peterborough third in its study of British cities with the largest area of parks per person.

According to the study, Peterborough has 6.30m² of parks per ten inhabitants.

Nene Park is by far the biggest expanse, including Ferry Meadows, Orton Meadows, Thorpe Meadows, Woodston Reach, Orton Mere and Rural Estate. There are plenty of other parks for residents to enjoy too, however, with Bretton Park, Central Park, Botolph Green and many more green spaces being counted as part of the study.

The Open Street Maps database was used to work out the surface area of each park in the UK’s big towns and cities. Milton Keynes topped the list, Warrington came in second, and Peterborough took third place.

During lockdown, access to green spaces was regularly highlighted as an important benefit for mental and physical health. Ministers regularly stressed the importance of parks remaining open to the public so that their daily exercise could be taken in open spaces where social distancing was possible.

Adrian Oates, head of fundraising and marketing at Nene Park Trust, said: “It is great to see Peterborough so high up the list. Whilst we are naturally proud of Nene Park and all the work we do, we must pay respects to the late Wyndham Thomas and his team at the Peterborough Development Corporation, who did so much to make sure no one in Peterborough is far away from a beautiful and life-affirming greenspace.”

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