Peterborough sikhs donate meals to celebrate religious festival

Monday saw the end of the three day festival of Hola Mahalla, in which sikhs take part in mock battles, exhibitions and displays of bravery to demonstrate their valour.

The festival was inspired by the tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh.These are then usually followed by a series of processions as well as poetry competitions.

A crucial part is also the sharing of meals in langars (voluntary community kitchens) organised by the local people as part of sewa (community service).

The meals are made of raw materials such as wheat, flour, rice and vegetables.

Sikhs from the Gurdwara Baba Budha Sahib Ji on Royce Road spent many hours on Monday (March 29) preparing 201 meals, consisting of rice, lentil dhal, samosas and rice pudding which were then delivered to elderly and homeless people in the city.

The places to receive deliveries were Axiom Housing, The New Haven hostel, Axiom Housing Fairview Court, Garden House and Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall.

The Gurdwara has been regularly cooking meals for the community over the last year during the pandemic.

Jagdev Singh, President of the Sikh Temple said: “I would like to thank the Near Neighbours organisation for supporting and sponsoring the event and making this happen for the Sikhs.

“Sikhs wish their christian friends a very happy Easter and we hope that events like these can bring the Peterborough communities together.”

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