Poll Results: Should climate change be a priority in government Covid-19 recovery plan?

Over 45% of people said they felt strongly about climate change being a key priority for the government, with a further 38.2% agreeing that it was important but couldn’t be the only factor. Altogether, this means that 83% of the city would support a ‘greener’ economy in the future.

Only 15.6% of people thought the opposite – that climate change isn’t a priority at all.

Ian Moore shared his opinion on our social media page, saying in answer to the poll question: “No. Because it’s not us causing the problem. It’s other countries and most of them won’t make changes because it will impact their economy. Spend the money on moving production back to the UK.”

This proposal to move production back to the UK could, in fact, be a way to prioritise climate change.

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, a manufacturers’ organisation with several members based in Peterborough, said: “Buying British-made products helps enormously with climate change by reducing the need to transport goods from overseas. It strengthens our economy and we look to our members to take a responsible attitude to the environment. As our mark is adopted by more British manufacturers, consumers will be able to buy responsibly made British products more easily, supporting our own economy and protecting the planet. It’s a win-win.”

Last week, we spoke to a number of leading environmental figures about how our city can come out of the coronavirus crisis with a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly economy. As one of the first cities to declare a climate emergency, and with a council committed to a number of targets and goals that make the environment a priority, it comes as no surprise that a spokesman for the council confirmed that measures would be taken to ensure the city emerges from the pandemic in as ‘green’ a way as possible.

The spokesman continued: “These measures aim to make walking and cycling a more accessible option for short trips. As well as lessening the chances of spreading and catching Covid-19, walking and cycling also improves health and is better for the environment.

“So far, a survey of the city’s Green Wheel has been completed with the review in process to determine decisions about investment.

“Furthermore, as of Thursday, a pop up cycle lane on Crescent Bridge will be installed, whilst we continue to consult with businesses on Cowgate, Cross St and King St on proposed walking and cycling schemes.

“We are awaiting details of our second phase of funding allocation for walking and cycling from the Department of Transport, as well as other funding opportunities from the Government, as we continue to work to make the ‘new normal’ as sustainable as possible.”

Less than 1% – only one voter – said they didn’t know what they thought about the poll question.

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