Poll Results: What percentage of people are wearing masks in Peterborough?

An overwhelming majority of people (76.8%) said that they estimate that less than a quarter of people opting to wear masks while shopping in Peterborough.

Some (20.7%) would estimate a few more – between a quarter and half of people they see are wearing face coverings.

Very few people said it was over half, with 2.4% of respondents saying that it was up to three-quarters of people, and none at all saying it was more than that.

The sentiment regarding face coverings is very divided. Our previous poll that asked whether individuals were wearing a face mask when they left their homes was overwhelmingly against the idea, with 55% of people saying that they weren’t covering their mouth and nose outside the house.

That was at the beginning of June, however, when non-essential shops were still closed and there had been no indication for when pubs and restaurants would begin to open doors again. It would seem that the public view of face coverings hasn’t shifted much in the month since people cast their votes in that poll.

Some social media comments reflected the division, with Gareth Dickenson expressing the view that masks should be mandatory in supermarkets and shops, and Brian Norkett disagreeing.

The Prime Minister has today given indications that he is considering the guidance about face mask usage. During a People’s Prime Minister’s Questions session, he said: “As we get the numbers down in the way we have and we stamp out local outbreaks in the way that we are, I do think we need to be stricter about insisting people wear face coverings in confined places where they are meeting people they don’t normally meet. That is why it is mandatory already on public transport.

“We are looking at ways we an ensure people really do have face coverings in shops, where there is a risk of transmission.

“I don’t think we are going to get to a world where we are going to say that everybody has to wear face coverings the whole time everywhere, but the balance of scientific opinion seems to have shifted more in favour of them than it was and we are very keen to follow that.”

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