The Peterborough neighbourhoods where the most COVID vaccines have been given out

Orton West and Castor tops the charts with 3,299 jabs given out by February 28.

Second on the list is Longthorpe and Netherton, where 3,231 vaccines have been given out, with Stanground third – 3,186 people have received a jab.

Longthorpe and Netherton has seen the most jabs given out to residents aged 80 and over (609) and for residents aged 75-79 (431). For residents aged 70-74, Orton West and Castor tops the charts with 603. The area also tops the local charts for people aged 65-69, with 521,

For residents aged under 65, Hampton Vale is top, with 1,374.

The area with the fewest jabs given out is Millfield and Bourges Boulevard, with 1,588 give out in total.

Across Peterborough, more than one in four adults have now received the vaccine.

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