The three Peterborough neighbourhoods where less than half the population have had two COVID jabs

Across Peterborough as a whole 68.8 per cent of the population have had one Covid vaccination and 61.9 per cent two jabs up to December 8.

That compares to the national figure of 89 per cent with a first dose and 81.1 per cent with a second. Nationally, the percentage of people who have had boosters is 37.8.

In Peterborough, the Millfield area has the lowest vaccination rate (47.5% first dose and 39.8% second dose) with the Central and Central Park areas both also with less than half the population having had two jabs.

Across the city only two areas, Glinton and Wittering have a first jab rate higher than the national average and only three areas have a higher second dose rate than the national figure.

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