‘Use common sense’, urges PM as restrictions tightened

This comes as government announced tightening of restrictions as coronavirus cases have begun to surge across the country. 

As the Prime Minister put it, ‘The virus is growing in an exponential way.’ 

As part of the new measures, Boris Johnson ordered pubs, restaurant and bars to shut by 10pm, and operate a ‘table-service’ only, failure to which they could face fines and closures from authorities.  

He has extended the use of face coverings, urging people to make them a priority. 

If you are getting married in the next six months, wedding guest lists will have to be revised as only 15 people are now allowed as a maximum gathering. Funerals can still have up to a maximum of 30 people. 

Apart from this, the government has urged people to work from home if they can unless you are a key worker or someone in the construction industry.  

Mr Johnson further announced that people could face fines and penalties if they do not comply, adding that if necessary, police will be given powers to enforce measures and if necessary, the army could be brought in. 

Commenting on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s address to the nation, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the new restrictions “set out our clear plan to protect Britain against coronavirus”. 

Writing on Twitter, Mr Hancock said: “The PM’s address this evening set out our clear plan to protect Britain against coronavirus. 

“These new measures will help us to suppress the virus, whilst protecting the economy, education and our NHS. 

“Remember: #HandsFaceSpace and get a test if you have coronavirus symptoms.” 

Peterborough is currently at 1,761 cases of Covid, according to the latest government figures, representing a rise of roughly 260 cases in the past six weeks, or 43 per week. It equates to 863 cases per 100,000 people.  

In the latest table of ‘areas of concern’ Peterborough ranked 37th, while using local authority figures Peterborough ranks 197th, with 11.4 cases in the week up to September 18 compared to 30.7 the week before. 



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