Women’s Institute gift homemade cakes to refuse collectors as a thank you for their hard work during the pandemic

The idea behind the gifts was to do something to thank the workers, who have been working throughout the pandemic, to keep the village clean and to keep as much normality as has been possible throughout the last 18 months.

Three four-person crews serve the village and each were prepared their own box, which contained a can of cola and a variety of homemade cakes, including cherry and almond, fruit cake, vegan sponge topped with lemon icing and victoria sponge.

The cakes were baked by Chrissie Jennings and each placed into a box with a thank you note which read “A small token to say many thanks for all your hard work. From Eye Women’s Institute.”

President Rosemary Robson said: “We wanted to do a nice gesture as a thank you for all of their hard work during lockdown. We always hear about being thankful to the NHS which is true, but we felt that it’s important not to forget about all of the services that have been working hard the whole time too.

“We all put thank you notes on our bins as well and encouraged others around the village to do the same.”

Ali Karatas, Senior Waste Supervisor at Aragon Direct Services, added: “When the WI got in touch we were really touched by their kindness.

“Our refuse crews along with all of our Aragon colleagues have worked throughout the pandemic, often in quite difficult circumstances, we have pulled together to make sure bins are collected, streets are cleaned and properties and parks are maintained.

“This recognition will be appreciated by the whole team and we can’t thank the Eye WI enough for thinking of us.”

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