Quad Bike Tours in Peterborough

Drive off limits with the quad biking action in Peterborough. Includes, safety briefing, practice laps and necessary equipment.

It's always advisable to wear proper driving suite which includes clothing helmet gloves eye protection and appropriate footwear and boots. So get into these four wheeled machines and race up the momentum of your day with friends its sheer fun action and acceleration driving these off road beasts.

You don't need any professional qualification or training to have a go in these sturdy machines if you are over 18 years then this the perfect motorised action to be part of this extravaganza. 

Rally Karting Centre

Rally Karting Centre

Rally Karting Centre, at Kings Ripton, has Quad Bikes, Rally Karts and Four Wheel Drive.Once you have mastered the skills to handle a Quad bike on a flat circuit try your courage and nerve on a thrilling all terrain circuit. Both children (from 12 years) and adults are given the opportunity to drive a four wheel drive vehicle on a number of circuits including the new all terrain course complete with a mud Peterborough.

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